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Shiner Bock Family Reunion

Posted: 8th July 2011 | by: | in: News

Does lifestyle marketing work? And, if so, how? Think back on the national reputations that were made when “experiential marketing” put Shiner Bock and other brands directly into the hands of our visitors. When getting ready for July 4th ...

Sauza Tequila Off Premise Bar Promotion

Posted: 3rd July 2011 | by: | in: News

When you associate when you think of Tequila? Most likely your answer is lime, a grimace, and salt. Or maybe you associate it with a raucous night and a regretful morning… Sauza Tequila is oh so smooth and something you wont regret! Last night ...

Friends With Benefits Bar Coaster Program

Posted: 29th June 2011 | by: | in: News

July 22nd the sony movie friends with benefits will be playing in theaters. Client: Sony Pictures Medium:Bar Coasters –Mirror Clings Locations:Bars Secured list of locations in separate spreadsheet Start Date:MUST START-Monday, June 20 and complete ...

Ray-Ban Polarized Tour

Posted: 28th June 2011 | by: | in: News

This past weekend the Ray-Ban Polarized tour made a stop in Dallas TX. The first stop was at mockingbird station and then at the Stonebriar mall up in Frisco TX. The whole purpose of the Ray-Ban polarized “never hide” tour was to make con ...

Pinnacle Vodka “Whipped so good”

Posted: 27th June 2011 | by: | in: News

“Its been a hard days night and ive been working like a dog.” When its a been a hard day at work where do you go to relax? The next time it is a hard day come down to dallas and you just might see me passing out shots of Pinnacle whipped ...

Hump Day Bubble Wrap Flash Mob

Posted: 27th June 2011 | by: | in: News

Flash mobs are a great way to get noticed and be the center of attention. A flash mob is a group of people who suddenly assemble in one public place and perform an unusual or seemingly pointless act for a brief time. I remember getting “the cal ...

Fort worth motorplex firestone indy car race AAA

Posted: 13th June 2011 | by: | in: News

Drivers start your engines and attend this weekends race at Fort Worth’s Texas Motor Speedway. If you made it to themotorplex firestone indy car race you might have been one of the lucky 50 who received a meet and greet with AAA (American Au ...

7-Eleven Super 8 Check In To Space

Posted: 10th June 2011 | by: | in: News

Today is the premier of Super 8 which starts playing in theaters June 10, 2011. If we happened to be in your area then im sure you came over and got your free Rocket Poppeteer Popsicle!? Today my BA (Tevia) and I drove to Cinnemark legacy in Plano an ...

Coca Cola Swelter Stopper

Posted: 9th June 2011 | by: | in: News

Who says it doesnt snow in Texas? If you are not from Texas do not believe it can snow then you need to come visit us as the Coca Cola Swelter Stopper dome. Its cold, snowing, serving refreshing ice cold coca cola, and have lots of fun activities to ...

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