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Cadbury Blue Bunny Ice Cream Bars

Posted: 16th February 2013 | by: | in: News

Blue Bunny and Cadburry are teaming up to bring fans a brand new experience for consumers to try. Blue Bunny officially started its tour in Boston and will travel all through the U.S. and finish in Chicago IL. Come check out Blue Bunny’s c ...

Samsung Galaxy Note

Posted: 16th February 2013 | by: | in: News

How do you tell your mom that you love her on mothers day? This year thousands of people will be sending their Mom’s postcards using the Samsung Galaxy Note device. All these postcards will be projected throughout the U.S. on National monuments ...

Two Degrees Bars

Posted: 16th February 2013 | by: | in: News

Everyones daily choices can make a big difference in fighting childhood hunger. Instead of grabbing for just any snack, why not go for one that feeds you hunger and helps do the same for another. This is the power of the one for one model. For every ...

Dodge Ride & Drive Rock’n Roll Marathon

Posted: 16th January 2013 | by: | in: News

To give runners and their supporters a chance to experience the Dodge brand’s new performance mantra first hand, Dodge is bringing a slew of new products to New Orleans, including the all-new 2012 Dodge Charger and Durango, as well as the significa ...

Pandora Internet Radio

Posted: 24th August 2012 | by: | in: News

Internet radio is becoming ever more popular.  Pandora is able to give people the music they want anywhere and anywhere, through an array of connected devices. With Pandora the stations are personalized to that user. Just simply input a “s ...

Heli Expo 2012

Posted: 24th August 2012 | by: | in: News

This year more than 18,000 helicopter industry professionals from more than 100 countries came together at the Dallas Convention Center in Dallas Texas. All attendies were able to explore the more than 600 exhibitors that displayed everything someone ...

The Picture Perfect Holiday With Windows & Southwest Airlines

Posted: 4th April 2012 | by: | in: News

Another holiday season has come and gone but lucky for you that picture lasts much longer. Our team has returned from snapping your free holiday photo. We all know how overwhelming and busy the holiday gets. With shopping, traveling, and parties ga ...

Best Buy Black Friday Movie Screening

Posted: 7th February 2012 | by: | in: News

As we all know Black Friday can be very maddening and tiring… This year best buy has decided to entertain the masses of shoppers awaiting the black Friday deals with a free exlusive LED big screen, outdoor viewing of the Harry Potter and the Deathl ...

Hornito’s Plata On Premise Promotion

Posted: 19th January 2012 | by: | in: News

“It’s a cold and lonely world” Crowded with lots of pastry shops, cultural destinations, and everything in between… Promoting products and services requires a strategy and tactics to attract and interest new consumers. How wi ...

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