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Pandora Internet Radio

24th August 2012 | | News

Internet radio is becoming ever more popular.  Pandora is able to give people the music they want anywhere and anywhere, through an array of connected devices.

With Pandora the stations are personalized to that user. Just simply input a “seed” – a favorite artist, comedian, genre, or song. Today Pandora is one of the top 5 downloaded apps. This is a totally free service and simple to use.

With 50% of radio occurs  in the car, making it crucial arena for Pandora. This is why Pandora has partnered up with the new Lexus 2013 GS model and is touring with them.

The GS ride and drive series will be a driving event designed for consumers who love to drive and experience exceptionally engineered vehicles. This ride and drive will focus on the 2013 Lexus GS -design, performance and technology – allowing participants to test the remarkable capabilities of the GS and GS F-Sport, sharpen their driving skills and push the vehicles in a controlled environment on the most exciting tracks and speedways in the U.S. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to compare the GS with competitor modesl such as the BMW 535 and Mercedes E350.

Pandora Reps were responsible for understanding/teaching the following information:

  • How to use Pandora
  • How to sign up for a new account
  • How to search for music, and create stations by song and artist
  • Shortcuts
  • Pandora Story – how we started, goals and mission statement
  • Relating to user, listening and answering all questions in a friendly and educational manner

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