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Hornito’s Plata On Premise Promotion

19th January 2012 | | News

“It’s a cold and lonely world” Crowded with lots of pastry shops, cultural destinations, and everything in between… Promoting products and services requires a strategy and tactics to attract and interest new consumers. How will your promotion cut through all the competitors? Do you have a strategy, the right manager, or attractive reps?

“The Approach”

There are a wide range of clients, both for profit and not for profit, to develop promotional strategies and communication programs that connect target audiences to the brand. First Identefiy potential customers and drivers that inform the decision making. Next develop the messages and finally get materials that resonate.

Branding strategies are constantly evolving and it helps to have perspective from the people in the field. When you have an event we are able to help you identify what is and what is not working and how you can get the best advantage at cross selling.

For the past few months Hornito’s Plata has done several off premise promotions. With an aray of tequila’s out on the market most consumers tend to stick with the brands they know. These events have helped saturate the market at several different bars. Several people who have never heard of or even tried Hornito’s found it to be pleasant and very surprised that they liked it.

The “Horns up” Hornitos promotion is still in effect.  Due to all the on-premise events more people are aware of the brand and several have become familiar with it as well as the field reps. What an exciting feeling it is when people come up to you because they have seen you at a previous event. Not only that, but tell you they have been drinking Hornitos Plata. (The wow factor hits and you realize “the approach” was successful)

When marketing we have found that creating something that is rememberable is highly effective. The “horns up” tagline has been a big hit and for every shot glass given out the consumer gets to keep the horn shaped shot glass.

Staff Matt for the next on or off premise event to make it successful. If you need more staff Matt can recommend highly trained and qualified candidates. Just another benefit of hiring an experienced promotional rep.

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