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AT&T Back to school 4G Mall Program

30th August 2011 | | News

It’s back to school time!!!!

Sharpen your pencils and get those Trapper Keepers out because you have been accepted back to school. Whether your going back to elementary, highschool, or college you’ll want to create an experience like no other by showing off the newest in 4G wireless technology with AT&T. If you are in the market for a new service provider, phone, or if you are finally getting your kid a phone then look into AT&T.

What AT&T has to say about the company and 4G

The advantages of being an AT&T customer:

  • The best network
  • The greatest value
  • The best products
  • The most convenient services

The AT&T 4G advantage is that only AT&T’s network has 2 layers of network technology to deliver 4G speeds: HSPA+ and LTE. Put simply, AT&T 4G offers a richer experience for all of the things you love to do. If you download music, photos, visit text rich websites, or watch videos the fact of the matter is you need 4G. With 4G you will have no more buffering… (HSPA stands for high speed packet access)(LTE stands for long term evolution)

What AT&T’s 4G advantage can do for you:

  • Faster Speeds
  • Lower Latency
  • Innovation (LTE will soon be in cars)
  • Richer Customer Experience

AT&T plans to cover 70 million Americans with 4G LTE by the end of the year. Nationwide, AT&T will continue to roll out 4G by 2013. All of these enhancements is for AT&T’s customers by helping them experience things they love to do.

Back to school Mall execution overview


  • Drive brand awareness
  • Engage consumers
  • Intercept and qualify consumers
  • opportunity to enter into the 4G sweepstakes
  • Instant win opportunity
  • Drive warm leads to retail


  • 1 Market Manager (Matt Harrison)
  • 5 Brand Ambassadors (Brian Schoby, Cristin Padgett, Ruina Wang, Stacy Schaffner, Monique Zamora)
  • 1 BA will be “the catcher” in the AT&T retail location

During the month of August Matt interviewed and hired 5 Brand Ambassadors for the AT&T 4G back to school program. Everyone flew out to Denver Colorado for training. Matt and his team will be activation promotions at the following malls:

Hulen Mall (Fort Worth Texas)

Irving Mall (Irving Texas)

Grapevine Mills Mall (Grapevine Texas)


  • Awareness and education around the new 4G network.
  • Demonstrations of the network and the 4G devices.
  • Drive consumers to retail.


  • Engage with consumers while showcasing key demo experiences.

We use a 5 step approach when interacting with our consumers. For a more rich interaction we follow these 5 steps. First we welcome all consumers as they pass by. Next we qualify and educate to see which phone would be the ideal fit for them. Then we use a hands on demonstration to show them all the great benefits the device has. Afterwards we capture their data (they have a chance to win one of our daily $50 gift cards and a trip to Montaco). Finally we drive all our warm leads to retail.

During this program we had 4 devices that we were promoting (along with the 4G service)

HP Veer

  • Smallest webOS phone in market- the size of a credit card and no thicker than a deck of cards.
  • Full slide out keypad and touchscreen.
  • Built in GPS that works with location based apps.
  • HP touchstone: charges the device via dock with no wires.

HTC Inspire

  • 4.3-inch super LCD capacitive display
  • 8MP camera with auto focus and dual LED flash as well as 720p HD recording
  • Includes Mobile Hotspot support, allowing you to share your connection with up to five devices )which includes your HTC Inspire 4G).
  • Runs Froyo, Google’s Android 2.2 platform, bringing great performance and speed for browsing media-rich websites with the built in Adobe Flash player.

Samsung Infuse

  • 4.5 inch Super Amoled plus screen gives a full spectrum color with the highest color contrast on the market. The screen features 50% more sub pixels for better contrast and outdoor readability.
  • The ultra slim design is just 8.99mm, so its easy to slip into a purse or pocket.
  • 8MP camera/camcorder with autofocus and flash to shoot HD video with incredible detail.
  • 1.2 GHz high-speed processor for no lag time or processing interruptions.

Sierra Elevate 4G

  • AT&T’s first 4G LTE/HSPA+ mobile hotspot device.
  • Connects up to five WiFi enabled devices to the internet
  • With no software to install and an LCD screen to guide the user, setup is fast and intuitive-just power up the device and connect a laptop (or another WiFi enabled device) over WiFi.
  • Offers data roaming in more than 200 countries at international roaming rates.

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