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Sauza Tequila Off Premise Bar Promotion

3rd July 2011 | | News

When you associate when you think of Tequila? Most likely your answer is lime, a grimace, and salt. Or maybe you associate it with a raucous night and a regretful morning… Sauza Tequila is oh so smooth and something you wont regret!

Last night M@tt passed out shots of Sauza Tequila and shots of Sauza mixed with Dekuyper curacao for the 4th of July at Jr’s and S4 in Dallas TX (Jr’s and S4 are 2 of the bars associated with the Caven Enterprises.).

Sauza is one of the worlds finest beverage alcohol products in many countries around the globe. All consumption patterns vary from country and region. Especially with regaard to different categories of beverages which each have their own individual characteristic, place and respective local cultures. Get the Sauza out for fresh margaritas. You can turn any night into a celebration in minutes. Just call a few friends, cut a few limes and get the Sauza out- then enjoy good company over the freshest, easiest margaritas you can make.

Because the distillery is on the very grounds of agave fields, all of the agave plants are put into tequila production within 48 hours of being hand picked.  the agaves are milled and steeped prior to cooking the juices to extract the most natural, fresh crisp agave flavor possible. It’s a process called “Fresh Pressed Agave.” It’s why margaritas made with Sauza are the freshest tasting.

The Sauza Story:

Nothing tastes fresher than a Sauza Tequila margarita. But our storied history dates back to 1873. That’s when our namesake, Don Cenobio Sauza, first bottled and sold Sauza Silver. Years later, in 1929, Don Cenobio’s son Don Eladio Sauza added Sauza Gold to the collection.

The Sauzas—widely considered tequila’s first family—have long served as industry pioneers. We were the first to refer to our spirit as “tequila” and the first to export it to the United States. Then, to help preserve the integrity of tequila, the Sauza’s were instrumental in forming the Denomination of Origin, a law ensuring that tequila could only come from Mexico. Since then the Sauza family has spent decades cultivating the agave and perfecting the art of distilling.

The next time you are out at a Bar make sure you check to see if I am there giving out free shots!

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