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Enchanted Rock Vodka

27th July 2011 | | News

Valentines, july 4th, and your birthday passed without your boyfriend giving you that sparkley rock…

Just drown your sorrows away with a new kind of gem: Enchanted rock vodka.

Enchanted rock vodka is made in San Antone and named for the nearby landmark, 80 proof, the grain-based spirit has a smooth finish, thanks to a small batch distillation process involving limestone-filtered water and a fancy copper pot.

Sip it neat or pair it with something traditional like cranberry juice or Kahlúa and cream. For the more adventurous, the maker suggests mixing it with tequila, rum, whiskey, blue Curacao, and Coke to make Enchanted Tea.

It doesnt matter how much or little you drink, you can feel pretty good the next day knowing the company employees green initiatives, from water recylcing and donating leftover grains to nearby farmers for livestock.

Now this may not smooth things over with your honey, but itll knock him on his butt…

Several BA’s sampled enchanted rock vodka at local liquor stores. They served it chilled with a splash of cranberry juice and the results have been amazing. Consumers have been pleasantly surprised with how smooth and tasty this vodka is.

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