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Coca Cola Swelter Stopper

9th June 2011 | | News

Who says it doesnt snow in Texas? If you are not from Texas do not believe it can snow then you need to come visit us as the Coca Cola Swelter Stopper dome. Its cold, snowing, serving refreshing ice cold coca cola, and have lots of fun activities to participate in.

Over the past weekend the coca cola swelter stopper dome was set up at six flags over texas. If you pass our tent you are sure to get squirted with an icy chilled blast from out soaker girls. As soon as you walk into our dome all your sense’s will come alive. The temperature is set at 60oF with snow falling from above. Our Emcee is sure to get you pumped up to win some amazing coca cola prizes as well as make you dance with coca cola sponsored artists.

If you’re still hot and have not chilled down yet then you better head over to our ice bar where our bartender will serve you up the perfect glass of ice cold coca cola. For anyone who thinks they are a whiz gamer then they better try to beat the top winter Olympic score.

Every year the holiday seems to just creep up on you and before you know it, its time to mail out those family portraits. Oh wait we forgot to take them… Before you leave our chilling dome make sure you take a family picture perfect to send out to family and friends during Christmas (make sure you dress up with all our winter gear. After all it is freezing in our dome…).

Here is what Coke says about the event:

We realize that many of the factors that make a summer outing so awesome – the warm weather, bright sun and dancing – can take a lot out of someone. So to help all of you make it from the beginning to the end of your day, we will have the “Swelter Stopper” experience stocked with ice-cold Coca-Cola. Get refreshed with blasts of frosty air, snow falling, and a delicious Coke from the perfect serve sampling bar, along with uplifting interactive games, a DJ and a photo station. Once your “Swelter Stopper” experience ends, you’ll be ready for more fun.


moses 5:06 am - 9th June:

swelter stopper was an amazing experience, I was the bartender/server for the Six Flags Great Adventure (jackson, NJ) this weekend.

admin 5:20 am - 9th June:

AWESOME, glad you enjoyed it! I emceed the first night and then did the chatter head surveys the remaining days…

Farm 6:03 pm - 14th June:

We went to the Swelter Stopper, Six Flags-San Antonio on June 11 and were told that they will email us the photo. Have not recieved any. Can anyone tell how to retrieve the photo.

admin 2:31 am - 29th June:

If you provided the correct email address it should have directly been emailed to you. It might take a few days… Hope you got it and hope you had fun!

moses 11:25 pm - 21st June:

lmao i did the chat threads surveys the last 2 days aswell.
no one likes taking those surveys tho….

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