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Virgin Mobile Lady GaGa Monster Ball Tour

7th April 2011 | | News

Virgin Mobile is the Lady GaGa sponser for the Monster Ball Tour.

At each concert there are 21 Virgin Mobile angels on site.

There are 2 different booths for our little monsters to participate in. If you are a Lady gaga little monster then you will definitely want to come by our professional photo booth. There our professional photographer Tracey B. Wilson will take your photos and post them on the lady virgin website!

If you are a little more on the shy side and or want a group photo then you want to visit the graphite wall. The wall is an actual set from Lady GaGa music video.

Sign up if you want to win a call from Lady GaGa! 1 Virgin mobile angel will be announcing the winner (this year it was me!).

If you are selected you will receive a phone call during the concert from Lady GaGa, get up graded seats, meet and greet with lady gaga, and so much more.

Find out when Lady GaGa monster ball tour will be in your area by visiting

Did you know that over 2 million teens will experience at least one episode of homelessness… Join the lady gaga “The Re*generation” cause.  Also Virgin mobile just came out with their new plan and smartphone! If you are want to watch your budget, dont use a lot of minutes, or just want a smart phone then check out Virgin mobiles plans.


Jeon Francis 3:54 am - 4th May:


Last week I attended the Lady Gaga concert in Cleveland, Ohio.

Can you tell me if Tracey B. Wilson was the Virgin Mobile photographer for that photo shoot as well.

Thank you.

admin 5:56 am - 5th May:

Yes Tracey B. Wilson was the photographer for the San Antonio Concert. She is on tour with the gaga bus and is the photographer for every concert.

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