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Reflecting on the years past…

15th December 2010 | | News

A letter from Matt:

This year has been one of my most successful years yet! (wow does that make me sound old or what?! lol) During 2010 I have had the pleasure of managing several tours:

  • Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep
  • Velveeta with Rodney Atkins
  • Shop Till You Rock with Demi Lovato
  • Capital one
  • LiveScribe
  • Dentyne

I am not sure that I could pick one to be my favorite they were all a blast! Each tour has given me new experience, knowledge, and something that I can take away and apply to my future job’s. One of my favorite parts about touring is I get to travel nationwide and eat at some of the most lavishing restaurants.

This year while I was not traveling I have had several opportunities to staff for experiential marketing events and manage local events. To all my clients and promotional companies it has been a pleasure to work with you and I hope to continually do business with you.

As my last program comes to an end in mid December I will be taking the rest of December off to rest and recuperate from such an eventful year.  Maybe all I need is a kit kat bar…

No but really I am finally, officially, and yes thankfully taking a little break.  What will I be doing during the down time? Well, for the first time since um last year I wll be taking a little think called “vacation”. For a few days I plan to spend time with some old friends. That time of year is coming again called taxes… Yes, on my off time I will start to get all my taxes together. The rest of the time I plan on making some gourmet foodie meals! (If you didn’t know I graduated from Le Cordon Blue and am a HUGE foodie.)

Exotic isn’t it? lol

But don’t worry, the experiential marketing world will not be completely ignored while I am away. Matt’s field staffing team will be working the remainder of the events for his clients and companies.

The good news: I will be back to work in time to start next years tour and will be bringing you all types of coverage from the several month tour.

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