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23rd November 2010 | | News

November and December Matt will be managing the livescibe promotion in Brookstone stores.

  • Mon-Thurs: The events will be held at major airports
  • Fri-Sun: The events will be executed in upscale malls

This is another great gift idea for that hard to pick for person or person who is techy/cuting edge/trend setter.

What is it: (click on video)

Who uses it:

  • Cuilnary Classes: “Now I can make sure I don’t miss a single ingredient when I am in class, watching a cooking show, or getting a recipe from someone.”
  • Legal services: “Ive got a voice recording. Ive got actual nots. Ive got everything I need.”
  • Professor: “Pencasts allow me to teach math in a completely new way”
  • College Student: “It adds another form of memory”
  • Journalist: “I can tap on my notes, and the audio from that second is repeated back to me”
  • Entrepreneur: “It has profound impact on how we do our work”
  • Project Manager: “It’s a more accurate tool to help me remember and replae do our work”
  • Project Manager: “It’s a more accurate tool to help me remember and repla conversations”
  • Salesperson: “The ability to go back and listen to notes opens up a whole other area of recollection”

How it works: On your paper click the record button. Your pen will now record everything you say and write.

-Start writing

-When you are done click stop

Weeks later when you need to review your notes just click on the note you want to review and whatever was said during that time will play.

Other cool features: You can also add apps to this pen just like an iphone ie: piano- draw piano keys and you can now play the piano on your paper. There are many other cool apps check them out HERE.

Make sure if you’re in town you come visit Matt and his team in one of the Brookstone stores. When you visit the store make sure to ask what the difference between a dumb pen and a smart pen.

During the Livescribe promotion Matt had a celebrity sighting! This is Kevin Jona’s shopping with this wife. He thought the Livescribe pen was so impressive he bought the Echo smartpen!

A word from M@tt:

As the last week of the promotion comes to an end it is like eating a bitter sweet piece of candy… Its both bitter and sweet to know you have completed and made an event successful and bitter in the sense that I will miss all the people I worked with.

During the last week of my promotion I met the CEO and VP of brookstone! It was almost like watching undercover boss… I would have never thought I would see the CEO stocking the shelves on the sales floor! This is the type of company I would be proud to work for. Knowing that the CEO of the company is willing to do the same work as I do and not let pride get in the way. It was AWESOME to see him work with the sales people and give helpful pointers.  I wish more companies were like this…

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