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Field Staffing

16th November 2010 | | Services

Field Staff

Matt’s Mission Statement

Matt delivers well organized, intelligent and effective field marketing campaigns, using his own network of high caliber promotion staff for a wide range of brands, products and services.

So what Matt can offer you?

Matt has nationwide field marketing and promotional staff; local to every city. You name where you want them and he is sure to have local high-caliber promotional staff, ready and waiting to professionally carry out your field marketing tasks. His nationwide teams of hard-working staff are very experienced field marketing personnel, attractive promotional models, and some are versatile commercial/actors/print models who spread all across the U.S.

Matt’s field marketing teams and promotion staff are used for traditional activities such as

leafleting, flyer distribution, product sampling, product demonstrations, road shows, trade shows, and many more… In addition to these traditional marketing activities, Matt can carry out more innovative and unusual ambient media campaigns, including guerrilla style media such as street theatre marketing, buzz marketing, campaign amplification and PR stunts (Please read through the various sections if further explanation is needed)

Why use Matt?

  • You can trust Matt’s team will make every promotion a success
  • Matt’s staff will generate great results fro your campaigns
  • Matt can provide you with campaign strategy advice for free
  • All reporting are very structured and turned in within 48hrs.
  • The staff we provide you with are the very best in the industry

Why is Matt better than using an agency?

  • Matt has developed the best nationwide network of field staff, with high caliber brand ambassadors, spread across the US. (These are people he has worked with, are highly referred, or are highly experienced in the industry)
  • Matt is able to help deliver unique campaigns with fresh approaches and real impact. He knows what works in what market and what does not as does his staff. Let him and them be your eyes and ears in this industry
  • Matt provides a strong focus on delivering actual measurable sales with every campaign, not just vague “brand building”
  • Matt is passionate about the promotions he organizes and the clients he does business with
  • Matt brings massive experience from across all industry sectors, which benefits your events

Matt’s Experiences

Matt is an experienced field marketing and promotional manager, working across a huge array of industries. He is privileged to represent some of the brand leaders within each of them, including many high street retail stores, well-known travel and leisure companies, internet sites, telecoms and technology products, international fashion brands, and cosmetics companies and many food and drink products and services.

Don’t just take his word for it; have a look at just some of the well-known brands who have trusted him with their reputation.

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